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ABSI Defense, ABSI Tactical and ABSI Aerospace are all part of ABSI. Each business unit focuses on a specific cadre of customers in the unmanned aviation community, but all are united by a common desire to push past obstacles in the pursuit of innovation in the service of our clients.

The ABSI team is made up of military veterans from across the armed services, as well as experienced professionals from across private industry, Department of Defense (DoD) program offices, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Together, the team is uniquely qualified to bring innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to bear on the issues facing DoD customers, local government, and private and commercial partners.

Our services

Defense Acquisition and Management Support

We offer program support, focusing on cost, schedule and performance efficiencies in line with DoD standards, and we provide product support services that span the life cycle of a system.

Industrial and Security Support

We offer a wide range of services to commercial clients, from providing certified and licensed operators for real estate, industrial and architectural pursuits to UAS-based security support.

Unmanned Aircraft Tactical Training

We offer a broad range of UAS support and training services, including on-the-ground training for units operating under urgent requirements, bringing advanced techniques, tactics, and procedures to bear on current day scenarios.

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Latest News

ABSI CEO, Chris Sacco, talks about why you can’t just “shoot down” a drone

In a recent article in Security Magazine (available here), CEO of ABSI, Chris Sacco, talks about the legal implications of shooting down or disabling a drone, an issue that bounds one in lots of regulatory red tape and is about as clear as murky water. As Sacco notes in the article, “The FAA considers unmanned […]

STEAM Day at the Pax River Naval Air Museum is One Week Away!

ABSI is excited to be a sponsor of STEAM Day at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum. We’ll be just inside the new museum building offering participants the chance to try their hand at drone racing on our mini course, and are pleased to donate three small drones for the museum to raffle to those […]

ABSI and Pax River Naval Air Museum Team Up to Share Unmanned Systems with School-Aged Kids at STEAM Day

On February 10th, PRNAM and ABSI Invite the Community to Visit, Learn and Participate in Hands-On Technology and Art Displays from Local Sponsors ABSI is sponsoring the first annual Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) Day at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum (PRNAM). ABSI has teamed with the local museum to offer support […]

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